Your school is likely to be in competition with others to attract and retain pupils, so what can you as headteacher and school do to ensure that it comes out on top? Let’s face it, when many headteachers took on the job, the thought of how to market the school to parents and their children would hardly have been top of the list. However, you don’t need a marketing degree to harness what your school has to offer and communicate the benefits of your school to prospective parents.  Here, we offer three great ways for you to drive an increase in pupil applications.

Be the Best

Ensure you school has a strong ethos, create a vision that clearly shows how your school is run and how you achieve. Every school has a unique character.  Whether this is your offering of a faith-based education, a unique approach to classroom learning or a particular specialism or success in an area, recognise this as your “brand“ and don’t be afraid to use it. Ask your existing students, parents and staff why they chose your school and what makes them happy to stay. It is likely you will see a theme and it may well not be what you assume it to be.  Use what you find as the key selling points for your school and promote these as a reason to choose your school.

Use the Best

Ensure that you are operating with the best your school can afford. You put a huge emphasis into selecting the right staff for your school and it is equally important to make the right IT choices.  You want your staff to concentrate on the actual job of educating the children, so what better way than to select the best in breed IT solutions to enable them to do so.  CloudHappi offer specialist best in breed cloud technology solutions to allow your school to meet the growing demands from parents, children and staff.  It is without doubt that technology is the future for our schools, not just to provide the amount of home schooling that has been required of late, but to ensure that we keep up with advancing worldwide technology.

We can ensure the best education for our children by embracing technology. Cloud IT solutions can provide fast reliable internet, data security and minimal disruption from breakdowns.  This ensures that both staff and pupils are free to carry on with the business of teaching and learning, whilst a specialist IT solution provider keeps things ticking in the background.

Cutting down the costs of your IT Solutions when choosing a provider such as CloudHappi will free budget and resources to use elsewhere too. Cloud solutions offer the latest technology and can reduce much of the need for in-house platforms and the often-variable costs these incur.

Tell The Rest

Whether it is your School Website, word of mouth or social media interaction it is important to get the message out there. You can use technology to assist with this. One of the first things many prospective parents will do is look at the internet when searching for a school.  You want your school to be the top they see!

Using social media to interact and showcasing your school’s activities and achievements will help your school’s visibility, encouraging all important word of mouth and ensure that your school is noticed.

Tell the world about your latest equipment, the opportunities you provide and why your existing parents and children are happy.  Engaging with your audience will ensure that your school remains in their thoughts when the time comes to choose a school for their child.

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