CloudHappi helps schools discover a better way: faster, more efficient and more secure IT that empowers them to deliver first-class education – just the way it should be.

"We didn't know that this was available to us. Our transition has been seamless and will give us so much more flexibility in that children can take laptops around the school and we can be sure that they are fast and safe to use..."

Dan Crossman, Headteacher, Collingbourne School 


Technology has changed, and schools no longer need expensive, outdated servers on-site. Make budgeting a breeze by choosing CloudHappi’s transparent, fixed, low cost-per-pupil services – and put an end to paying for IT services and support you don’t need.

As well as the potential to save thousands on the cost of an on-premise server, switching to the cloud can reduce your annual running costs by around £1,200 a year. And with savings that big comes a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.


Technology should support you in your goal of delivering an outstanding education for your pupils. In reality? It often hinders more than it helps. When you switch to CloudHappi, you’re entering a world where IT works for you – not against you.

We’ve used our inside knowledge of the way schools operate to design services that deliver business-class technology to the education market – and, above all, to make your life easier. Without the distraction of ineffective IT, you’re free to focus on what you’re here to do – provide an outstanding education for your pupils.


With CloudHappi, there’s no need for your teachers to be in school to teach, train or mark – they can do it anywhere. Our cloud-based services empower you to connect your teaching staff and pupils through virtual schools – wherever they are in the world, and no matter what lies around the corner!

Using the cloud, your data is stored on servers housed in the best, UK based, and most connected data centre in Europe. Pupil data is safe and secure, and access is fast and efficient. It all adds up to a better work–life balance for your leadership team and teachers.

For better education, look to the cloud 

With CloudHappi you can…

Provide the best for your pupils

We empower you to get the best results out of the latest technology in a way that works for you –– leading to excellent learning outcomes for your pupils.

Get business-class technology and save money in the process

On-premise servers are inefficient, outdated and expensive. CloudHappi exists to bring fast, reliable and affordable cloud solutions to the education sector.

Get the best from your technology

As well as swapping outdated, expensive on-premise servers for the latest cloud-based technology, we’ll help you to get the best out of the technology you already have.

Access your data, lightning fast

There’s nothing worse than buffering broadband when you’re trying to teach! Our super-fast and reliable internet access for schools makes slow internet speeds a thing of the past.

Pay for what you need

We won’t sell you services or support you don’t want. Instead, our fast, reliable and effective IT solutions help you save time and money – and we’re always on hand when you need us.

Reduce your impact on the environment

With no need for on-premise servers, you can make significant savings on your annual electricity bill – and your carbon footprint.

We’re on a mission to shake up IT in schools, and to show you there is a better way. Within 24 hours, we’ll switch your school to fast, secure and affordable cloud-based technology. No mess, no loss of access, and no disruption to your pupils and staff – the only thing your staff will notice is fast, secure, fuss-free technology. Contact us today, and start your journey to better IT.

How it works

1: Contact

2: Set-Up

3: Happi

Say goodbye to outdated, inefficient and expensive technology that holds you back and say hello to the CloudHappi way – efficient, affordable IT services that work for you.

020 4519 9900


Dan Crossman, Headteacher, Collingbourne School

CloudHappi services: developed for schools

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Happi Server Plus
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Happi Filtering
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Happi Connect
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Why Cloud Happi was established - Interview with Nigel Jones CEO Cloud Happi, on Facebook Live interview at The Cobra Club October 2020.

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