We will help you get the £1500 grant from the government to set up Virtual Learning on Microsoft Teams!

We will implement, train and provide specialist ‘How to Guides’, so your ready to give the best possible outcome for your children.


Great IT empowers you to support your teachers and staff and achieve the best learning outcomes for your pupils. It enables you to connect teachers and pupils wherever they are in the world, and it stores your data safely, with fast, reliable access.

There is a better way. The CloudHappi way.


To charge fairly and transparently

Ten years ago, schools needed servers on-site – but things have changed. Now, this technology isn’t just outdated and irrelevant – it’s costing you a small fortune, both upfront and in annual electricity charges! Switching to CloudHappi can help you make significant savings on budgets that are already stretched to the limit. With fixed, low cost-per-pupil billing, you’ll pay for what you need and not a penny more – making budgeting a breeze.

To provide technology that works – for you and your staff

IT shouldn’t tie you in knots and create more problems than it solves. CloudHappi technology empowers you to connect your teachers and pupils through virtual schools wherever they are in the world – no matter what lies around the corner. It uses the best and most connected data centre in Europe to improve the security of your data and the speed at which you can access it. And it exists to improve the work–life balance of your teachers.

To empower you to provide the best possible outcomes for your pupils

When you switch to CloudHappi, you’re entering a world where IT works for you. We’ve used our inside knowledge of the way schools operate to design services that deliver cutting edge technology to the education market – and, above all, to make your life easier. Without the distraction of ineffective IT, you’re free to focus on what you’re here to do – provide an outstanding education for your pupils.

Start your journey to better IT

We’re on a mission to transform IT in schools.  We’ll switch you to fast, secure, reliable cloud-based solutions… and potentially reduce your IT bill by thousands in the process! No mess, no loss of access, and no disruption to your pupils and staff. In fact, it’s so seamless that the only thing you’ll notice is fast, secure, fuss-free technology.

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