Happi Server Plus

Always on the latest versions of your software, using the latest Gismos, bells and whistles.

Answer YES to any of the questions below?

The Happi Team have the solution.

  • Is your IT never upto date? 
  • Does your Business Manager always seem to be waititing forever to use the latest software version?
  • Are they using versions years out of date?
  • Do you feel that every time you look at your budget you seem to be paying a fortune to IT companies for yesterday’s technology? 
  • Did you know for each server located in school you are paying an average of £1,191 each and every year to the electricity company?

How it works

Cloudhappi Server Plus is the service that gets you into the Cloud in double quick time, always ensures you are on the latest versions, using the latest Bells, Whistles and Gismos while saving you thousands in Electricity costs and the high fees you are paying to your current IT suppliers.

You also get the level of resilience and security that usually only large companies can afford too at no extra cost.

Delivered via VMWare based virtual platform. A dedicated server running its own operating system on shared physical hardware

Customised configurations of resources can be chosen (RAM, CPU and Storage) along with multiple IP addresses. Each server is deployed with the chosen tier of the storage and configured and managed by remote desktop connection* (VPN/Firewall rules permitting)

Data transfer, subject to fair use, is included in the price.

Key Features

This is why it works.

  • No need for any in house physical servers
  • Full management up to the application level.
  • All Flash Array storage from Netapp
  • Latest Cisco Blade Server Technology
  • All Backups included
  • All Patching and upgrades to the O/S, Database and applications, included in the price.
  • Tier 1 IP connectivity (Fastest Available)
  • 99.5% SLA Guarantee
  • Tier 3 Data Centres and Backup Data Centres (Best available)
  • All Data remains in the UK
  • Additional Storage, RAM and CPU added on request.

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About Us

When you move to a cloud solution, we know what makes you happy – a service that is secure, reliable and flexible to your needs without fuss and only paying for what you use. At Cloud Happi we deliver just that.


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