Happi Disaster Recovery

What would you do if you had a fire a burst pipe or a break-in at school and your servers and IT equipment were damaged or stolen?


If the COVID 19 crisis has taught us anything, its disasters can and do happen and it’s no longer acceptable to not have a Disaster Recovery plan.

Parents, Kids and Teachers expect to be able carrying on teaching and learning, whether the School building is open or not, but that’s not going to happen if your servers at School are subject to a disaster.

Offsite data backup is fine for recovering lost data or protecting from Malware attacks, but it won’t help you when you need to secure replacement servers, rebuild them and then load back your data. You will be down for weeks and in some cases months.

Happi Disaster Recovery Does Cut the Mustard

Happi Disaster recovery, will have all your systems back up and running in the Cloud within the hour, if you need to be. Learning and Education can continue onwards, whilst you worry about clearing up the mess at School.

The cost is inexpensive as you only pay for the storage capacity you use monthly, and if you have a disaster, then you pay for the use of the Cloud Servers, until the point you want to return to running On Premise again.

How it works

A mirror image of your On Premise environment is taken each night and this is what you would start to use, if you have a disaster the following day. This is known as a Recovery Time Point

We will agree how fast you want get to all ‘systems up’ status, in a disaster this should be no more than an hour, this is known as Recovery Time Objective

We will produce a priority order of everything on your servers, with you and bring them back in priority order, this is known as a Run Book

You can run two tests per year and we will manage the tests with you

If you have a disaster, for real, its one phone call to our Help Desk and you are up and running within the hour.

Key Features

This is why it works.

  • Fully Managed Service that is tested and proved to work.
  • You pay for the storage you use each month, and only pay for the Cloud Servers, if you have a disaster.
  • Tier 1 IP connectivity (Fastest Available)
  • Tier 3 Data Centres and Backup Data Centres (Best available)
  • You can go back to On Premise Servers, when the disaster is remedied or stay in the Cloud with us on our Happi Server and Happi Server Plus products.
  • 99.5% SLA Guarantee, during your time in the Cloud.
  • Gives you disaster recovery plan, in a box.
  • All Data remains in the UK.

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