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Ever wondered why as a School you have to wait for the next IT visit to get your problems fixed?


For far too long its been the case that IT suppliers to schools make weekly or bi-weekly visits to remedy issues with your PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Whiteboards etc. If they don’t finish the list of issues, then you have to wait for the next visit.  You may be surprised to know you are a paying a premium price for a service level that no business would accept.

Why should you have to wait weeks to get simple things fixed or, if its really urgent, pay a significant premium to get a problem sorted?

Businesses don’t accept this level of service and neither should Schools.

Happi Device Management will cover all your end point devices, for a simple fee per month, per device, with targetted fix time time in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

We are so confident in our ability to meet our level of service, that we contractually guarantee it and if we fail we will credit you the appropriate part of service fee back.

You choose the level of cover you want from 4 hour fix, 8 hour fix or next business day, for each of the devices in your asset list.

How it works

We perform and audit of your entire asset list, that shows both the Hardware Assets and the Software assets on those devices and we produce an asset register, that we maintain and keep up to date.

We agree with you the level of cover you want on each device and we build the Service Level Agreement accordingly.

All faults are reported to us by email or calling our Help Desk. We will issue you a ticket number and then the clock is ticking for us to fix the issue.

How it works

You pay per device per month and you can add or delete devices, as you see fit.

If we fail, we credit you, you don’t have to chase for the credit.

95% of all faults are fixed online, without one of our engineers having to visit schools.


Key Features

This is why it works.

  • Business Grade Service.
  • 4, 8 hour or next business day fix time.
  • Contractual SLA.
  • Asset Register built and maintained.
  • Credits for failure automatically applied.
  • You pay, per device per month.
  • Instant fault reporting, no more waiting for the next site visit.

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