Happi Offsite Backup

Worried that your Data Backup costs keep on spiralling upwards? 


We are certain we can save you money on your curent cost and by following the simple guidelines below, reduce those costs further.

Cloudhappi will advise you on how to manage your data to keep your costs under control, rather than just invoice you for more capacity as your volumes increase.

Data backup is not just backing up all the data you have every created, you need to have an effective archiving plan and purge policy and we will help you develop both and the days of seeing your backup costs increasing each year will be a thing of the past.

Most current suppliers charge for data backups annually in advance and then keep adding additional charges as your data storage increases, we don’t do that, with us you pay for what you need each month.

The Happi Backup is not like the majority of backup solutions available to schools which only backup your data, but not your applications. Data backup is the minimum requirement, but you can choose to backup all your applications and file shares and everthing else that sits on your Servers.

How it works

Cloud Happi will consult with you to choose the right combination of backup services to fit you needs

We will then deploy, test and handover to you on the agreed ‘Go Live’ date

We will monitor you backups daily and if they fail, work with you to complete the backup within 12 hours

Easy to understand reports that can be shown to Ofsted, GDPR Advisers,
Governors and Trustees are issued, each and every day

When you get to 90% of your contracted volume we will contact you to help your understand how you can archive or purge your data, to stop your costs spiralling

Key Features

This is why it works.

  • Fully Managed Setup and Delivery
  • You choose to backup just your data or your data and applications
  • Flexible retention periods to suite your needs
  • Monitored for success
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Advice on managing your data and keep the costs down
  • Powered by Veeam
  • Data never leaves the UK

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About Us

When you move to a cloud solution, we know what makes you happy – a service that is secure, reliable and flexible to your needs without fuss and only paying for what you use. At Cloud Happi we deliver just that.


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