‘It’s the right thing to do in terms of the cost for the school and future-proofing the education we can offer.

Dan Crossman, Head Teacher. Collingbourne School

There is a better way. The CloudHappi way.

If you are looking for faster, stable broadband at a better price contact Cloud Happi today.

Pay less for faster, more reliable broadband and web filtering

Cloudhappi provides Schools with Superfast Broadband, Web Filtering and Wi-Fi, Priced Pupil Per Month, with no upfront costs! Your School can have the Broadband, Web Filtering and Wi-Fi you deserve without any hidden extra costs, with our Happi Connect solutions!

Switch to us and get up to 400% faster connections for your school!

We know after working with many schools that their Wi-Fi and Broadband are outdated and preventing them from giving the best outcomes for their staff and students.  Fibre Lease Lines are not the only solution to all your problems, we provide average speeds of 180MB download and 65MB upload through bonded FTTC, for the same price that other providers charge for a single FTTC, and much slower speeds.

Get more for less

Most schools are paying at least double the price for their existing Broadband and Web Filtering solutions than they should. We typically double connection speeds for the same price as Schools are currently paying for their existing connection. We provide Happi Connect Solutions on a per Pupil Per Month basis, with no upfront or hidden fees. 

Not convinced? Here’s what a Headteacher of one of the schools we have worked with thinks:

“We are thrilled with our new broadband. CloudHappi go above and beyond to make sure everything is working for us.” Becky Wilson, Head Teacher. Winsley Primary


Say goodbye to outdated, inefficient and expensive technology that holds you back and say hello to the CloudHappi way – efficient, affordable IT services that work for you.

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We’re on a mission to transform IT in schools.  We’ll switch you to fast, secure, reliable cloud-based solutions… and potentially reduce your IT bill by thousands in the process! No mess, no loss of access, and no disruption to your pupils and staff. In fact, it’s so seamless that the only thing you’ll notice is fast, secure, fuss-free technology.

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