The answer to this question is, most likely, far more than their budgets comfortably allow them to.  It is highly important, therefore, that schools make the best use of the funds they do have when investing in IT services.   

With schools across the UK spending around £900 million on Education technology each year, and the average being £400,000 per school, it is definitely wise to consider how this money is spent to ensure that schools offer the best education to their pupils both now and in the future. 

With a high percentage of schools feeling insufficiently equipped with ICT infrastructure and devices it is clear that big changes are called for to meet the increasing demand for IT provision and remote learning that today’s world is calling for.  Schools need to ensure that they are equipped to provide both current and future pupils with the Edtech tools and skills to enable them to compete with leading technology global markets. 

Keeping control of an IT budget is one of just many headaches facing school heads, but it is one that there’s a solution for.  

How can you budget with the potential for so much to go wrong? 

The huge educational challenges faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted to many school heads that their IT facilities are in need of an overhaul.  Already existing pressures to keep up with advancing technology means the need for educators to adapt how they provide the IT services and resources to their pupils. 

Enlisting the help of CloudHappi experts will ensure that you fully understand and are equipped to deal with the changing face of IT in your school and have a flexible, scalable solution. 

However much a school is able to allocate of their budget to IT resources, having a fixed cost-per-pupil and knowing your IT cost commitment at the outset is a great asset. This could leave you much more time to concentrate on your primary education objectives.  

The unique cloudbased IT services offered by CloudHappiwhich are charged on a per-pupil-per-month basis, mean that your school can have the security of knowing its yearly IT budget spending at the outset. We offer a unique tiered pricing model that is transparent and easy to understand.  

How does it work? 

Quite simply, your school has the option to take up as many of our services as you require. Knowing that we provide 24-hour support, as little as one hour downtime for data recovery, full storage solutions payable monthly, just for the amount you actually use and back-up solutions to meet even the most demanding of school environments; our simple pricing plan gives you a cost that you can relate directly per pupil in advance. 

From just £72 per pupil per school year, which represents just 1.5% of your annual student budget, you’ll benefit from knowing that your costs are fixed per pupil and represent the students enrolled over the course of the school year. If your student numbers increase, your costs will reflect this, but if you lose students, your costs will decrease too. There are no hidden costs, either, and we even save you the £1,200 in electricity (approximately) that an on-site server could be costing you.  

CloudHappi provide an unrivalled best in class cloud IT solution, with the fastest available Tier 1 IP connectivity, Tier 3 Data Centres and the best available Backup Data Centres, ensuring that we deliver on budget, the best available solution personalised for your school.  

Within our service offerings, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Intuitive, efficient tech that works for both pupils and teachers alike 
  • Reliable, safe, secure data storage 
  • Costs savings that could amount to thousands of pounds 
  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Reduced energy bills 

The agility to provide completely interactive education virtually or face-to-face, as changing conditions demand 

Tech is the future for schools and with over 30 years industry experience, a CEO, who has just completed a term as chair of trustees for a Multi Academy Trust, CloudHappi have been able to advance IT solutions to schools, leading to us becoming recognised as a Best in Breed provider. Why not let us use your allocated budget to its best advantage, offering quality cloud-based IT services that help you cope with changing times without worrying about cost? 



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