With an increasing array of technology being required for schools to offer the best in education, whilst trying to keep control of diminishing budgets, it is clear that changes to the way they operate are necessary. 

As with many businesses, schools now are perfectly placed to make huge advancements through more effective IT solutions.  These IT solutions can see many benefits for both staff and students. We at CloudHappi have both the expertise and experience to ensure that any school making such a decision receive the perfect solution to meet their needs. With the option to transfer some or all of your IT requirements to CloudHappi, you can make the choice from many different options we have to offer.

Read on to find out just some of the benefits your school can achieve by switching your IT to the cloud.

1.     Cost Savings

CloudHappi offer a unique cost-per-pupil based charging structure, giving school leaders the ability effectively budget up-front each year.  With us, there’ll be no more guess work or potential for the budget to escalate if you have a server breakdown, leaving you free to direct any surplus funds to other areas your school may be in need.  In addition, you could benefit from potential savings on electricity consumption, as you will no longer need to fund the often-high running costs for your servers or back-up solutions.

2.     Agile Approach To Education Provision

The ability to work remotely is now in much greater demand.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to a much greater demand for both staff and pupils to be able to access educational resources and communicate with each other whilst they are not actually in the school building.  CloudHappi are ideally placed to provide your school with the ability for remote education when and if it is needed, and you may find that this could be a useful approach even during more normal times!

3.     Better Education For Students

One of the considerations for parents when choosing a school for their child is the availability of technology to assist with their education. A school that is able to offer the best tech solutions could give your school the selection advantage over those who aren’t able to be so flexible with their approach to their IT provision.

4.     Better Tech Security

Robust and secure data security is a major concern for anyone using IT today.  Moving your school to a CloudHappi IT solution will relieve you of such a headache.  Our secure data protection and encryption methods ensure that all IT data protection requirements are managed for you.  Both staff and pupils can access the school’s tech solutions safely.

5.     Better work/life balance

CloudHappi are experts in providing the resources needed to ensure that both staff and heads have the ability to work from home.  This could benefit those who carry out many of the administrative and planning tasks that often lead to many hours working late in school after the pupils leave.  A better work/life balance often leads to greater productivity and happier staff. 

CloudHappi’s small team of IT and cloud expert’s mission is to listen to what your school needs and to design a unique cloud-based tech solution around this.  We provide the solution for you to deliver better quality education to students both now and well into the future.

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